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Mobile Music Therapy Services of Orange County

Musical Assessment of Gerontologic Needs and Treatment:  The MAGNET Survey
MMB Music, St. Louis, MO

"A unique integration of assessment components based on the American Music Therapy Association standards of practice, MAGNET complies with the criteria of the minimal data system (MDS) and requirements for accreditation of facilities that provide services. It is a significant contribution to music therapy program development to assure life quality for older adults." 

 ~Alicia Ann Clair, PhD, MT-BC

"An essential and exciting new way to evaluate the needs of older adults, this assessment tool is insightful, thorough, and scientific in its origin. Music therapists will find this work enormously helpful in substantiating music as a therapeutic process." 

 ~Kay Sherwood Roskam, PhD, MT-BC

"An important contribution to support best practice standards in music therapy treatment. . .a substantial addition to the assessment literature."

~Michael Thaut, PhD

"Responds to the need for a published, standardized music therapy specific gerontological assessment tool -- a tremendous service to the music therapy community. Roberta Adler provides the clinician with much needed data to validate clinical practice, essential for third party reimbursement. MAGNET is a must for any music therapist working in geriatrics and for trainers of future music therapists."

~Concetta M. Tomaino, DA, MT-BC

Rationale for the Inclusion of Music Therapy In Section P2 and Section T of the Minimum Data Set 3.0 (Nursing Home Resident Assessment and Care Screening): Supplement to Information from the American Music Therapy Association, December 2003

Annotated Bibliography of Research: Music Therapy and Draft MDS 3.0, December 2003

Haight, Barbara and Gibson, Faith: Burnside's Working with Older Adults: Group Process and Techniques, fourth edition, Jones and Bartlett, 2005. Chapter 16: Music and Other Arts Activities in the Lives of Older Adults, by Barry Bortnick. Editorial and Bibliographical support to Dr. Bortnick


The MuSense Program: Music Therapy for Development of Multisensory and

Body Awareness in Children and Adults with Severe to Profound Multiple

Disabilities (with Olga Samsonova-Jellison, MA, MT-BC) 

Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2017), London UK


"What I love about the MuSense approach to music therapy is its absolute grounding in the human body: the anatomical parts of the body, and the brain's neuronal connections, the biological need human beings have for companionship. It is understandably easy for those new to music therapy to start with harmony and rhythm, overlooking the body's physicality. The authors ensure against this, insisting that therapeutic thinking begins with attention to physiology. This focus alone renders their new book of interest to audiences far beyond the music therapists for whom they have written it. All music therapists who are looking for a practical book that offers new ways to approach their craft should find this manual of interest. Combining theory, practicality, and the lived experiences of people with sensory disabilities, it never forgets that the essential component of therapy, in all its guises, is human connection.”


~Dr. M. Suzanne Zeedyk, Developmental psychologist and founder of the organization connected baby


“Years of learning from the authors’ clients have gone into developing the ideas set forth in this exceptional book. It is remarkable how they creatively tailor the MuSense musical program to each individual’s strengths and disabilities. The reward is enriching the lives of the less fortunate in immeasurable ways.”


~William Cable, M.D.



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